– Can I have emails with my associated domain?
Yes. You can configure your custom domain to use a 3rd party service (like ZOHO mail or Google Apps). We are currently developing our own geeneric mail server that will integrate even better with your geeneric.com shop.

– Can I have a custom theme installed on my website?
Yes. Our premium plans work perfectly with custom theme designs. Contact us here to help you pick a theme and make it geeneric ready.

– There is a functionality I need that is not currently available in my geeneric shop. Can I have it installed or implemented?
If there is a WooCommerce plugin drop us a line about it and we will contact its author in order to get it in geeneric.com

– I am a plugin/theme developer. Can I sell my products to the users of geeneric.com?
We are open to extend our network of trusted developers. Drop us a line here and we will contact you and discuss how we can be of any help.